Eventually, when the roads get better

The touristic growth in Bulgaria seems to be at its peak. Even during the big economical recession the famous Sunny Beach resort, located on the southern part of the Black Sea coast, has continued to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. While the southern region is known for its over-development since the start of the 21st century, 100km upwards the growth seems to have stalled and tourism is at an all-time low. The area's decline in population continues as the people are aging and the young are moving to the bigger cities.

The project sketches an image of a society that is about to disappear off the map. What will be left after the few inhabitants have insufficient reason to stay behind, and what will fill the traces of their departure? Where the traces of unfinished hotels and holiday houses have left their marks on the landscape, the recent developments made room for a life that seems harder to find. The romantic ideal of living in a quiet village along the coast is set against the failed attempts and the exodus of a generation.